Admissions at AIU 2023

Admissions at AIU 2023

Your expedition with AIU starts here!

The American International University (AIU) is designed to provide an authentic American education in Kuwait, where students can earn advanced degrees in a variety of fields that are critical to our 21st century world. An AIU education is designed to inspire our students to become university graduates who are innovative and entrepreneurial. Our students will not just be consumers – they will be innovators actively involved in creating a strong and sustainable future for Kuwait. AIU is dedicated to creating a stimulating learning environment that supports the intellectual success of its students.

American International University

How to Apply to AIU

AIU is now accepting admissions for Fall 2022 with a start date of September 18, 2022. If you’re interested in applying, you can either visit our Admissions Office on campus to speak with one of our Admissions Specialists or choose to download our application online and submit it to our team via email at admissions@aiu.edu.kw. To speak with an Admissions Specialist directly, please give us a call at 22262500.

Apply online through our application portal.

Admission Application Portal

Download our admission application form.

AIU Admission Application

Application Requirements

Universal Requirements

Please speak to our admissions team for more information.

Submit the completed AIU application form.
Photocopy of applicant’s Civil ID
But Photocopy of civil ID of parents
Photocopy of applicant’s passport
Passport size photograph of the applicant
Official up-to-date high school transcript
Officially certified document verifying graduation from high school.
Submitting a certificate of good conduct from the school.
For graduates of public high schools in Kuwait: A certified copy of high school diploma
For graduates of non-government high schools: A certified copy of “Kuwait Equivalence” from the Ministry of Education
Optional: Official test score reports (IELTS, TOEFL, ACT or SAT)
For male applicants over 21 years of age, submit a certificate of criminal status.

Applications for School of Engineering and Computing
Students planning to enroll in one of our engineering and computing degree programs must meet the following additional admission requirements.

Graduates of schools within Kuwait must have a Sciences High School Diploma.
Graduates of schools not located within Kuwait must complete high school mathematics requirements plus biology, chemistry and physics as specified by the Ministry of Education.

Please speak to our admissions team for more information.

Check Your Application Status And Registration.

Once you submit your application, our Admissions Specialist will contact you to inform you of a decision. Before you can begin attending classes, you must attend the New Student Orientation which is held before the start of each semester. New Student Orientation will provide you with all the necessary information to get you ready to begin your journey at AIU, from class schedules to campus services. In addition to key information, you will also be provided with your own student account, university email and a physical student identification card. Once you are a student with us, you will have access to your assigned academic advisor who can guide you through your duration at AIU.

Your future is our goal, and we look forward to welcoming you on campus!

Scholarships and Funding

Scholarship or self-financed:

AIU does not currently offer university-funded scholarships to students who wish to attend. However, a student may use scholarship funds from the government or outside sources to cover the cost of their tuition and fees. Applicants can apply to AIU as a self-pay student and cover tuition and fees out of pocket. All tuition and fee balances are the responsibility of the student and must be pay on time to avoid delays in enrollment.

AIU accepts applicants seeking admission to our degree programs under the auspices of the Private University Council (PUC). PUC scholarship applications are administering online through the PUC website on dates establish by the PUC and will announce by AIU on our social media pages. Applicants must meet all AIU admission application requirements and then apply for the PUC Scholarship. For more details, please contact our admissions office or visit our campus.

Eligible applicants who choose to apply for government scholarships through the Private University Council (PUC) must apply directly through the PUC.

The PUC scholarship applies to applicants who:

Are Kuwaiti citizens or have a Kuwaiti mother; Y
Graduated from high school within 26 months of submitting the PUC application.

How to apply for the PUC Scholarship:

  • Applicants with inquiries about the requirements set by the PUC should visit the PUC website to learn more and to apply. Please visit www.puc.edu.kw for more information.
  • Government scholarship students are subject to PUC scholarship rules and regulations.

Transfer Applicants

We welcome transfer applications to programs within the School of Business, School of Architecture and Design, and School of Engineering and Computing.

For more information on the conditions and procedure to apply as a transfer applicant, click here.

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