BISE Faisalabad Board 9th Class Result 2023 Announcement Date

The anticipation mounts as the clock ticks closer to the date – August 22, 2023. The day when the curtains will be drawn back, revealing the outcomes of hard work and dedication. Faisalabad Board is set to unveil the 9th Class Result 2023, a pivotal moment for students, parents, and educators alike.

BISE Faisalabad Board 9th Class Result 2023 Updates

August 2023 Update

The eager contenders seeking the latest updates for the 9th Class Result 2023 Faisalabad Board shall be pleased to learn that the announcement is on the horizon. The Faisalabad Board has confirmed that the unveiling of the BISE Faisalabad Board 9th Class Result 2023 will grace the digital space on the 22nd of August. On this decisive day, students can conveniently access the Faisalabad Board Result 2023 Class 9 from this very platform.

Countdown to Triumph: BISE FSD 9th Result 2023

The drums of anticipation echo louder as the official date for the BISE Faisalabad 9th Class Result 2023 reverberates. Brace yourselves for the reveal, scheduled for Monday, the 22nd of August, at the stroke of 10:00 AM. As the curtains rise on the digital stage, detailed mark sheets will be available here for students to grasp their accomplishments.

Navigating the Path to Triumph

The candidates must exercise precision while entering their 9th Class Result 2023 Faisalabad Board roll numbers during the online result check. Additionally, a secondary method allows candidates to verify the outcome using their names. The moment the Faisalabad Board Result 2023 9th Class is unsealed, access to this pivotal information shall be granted through this platform.

Seamless Result Verification: Your Roll#

Experience the ease of result verification by adroitly typing your roll number. If this method encounters any delays, rest assured that the option to verify results through the gazette in PDF format is also at your disposal.

Unveiling the Essence: Faisalabad Board 9th Class Result Highlights

Latest Updates on 9th Class Faisalabad Board Result 2023

Examination CategoryAnnual
Result Status 2023Not Announced
Date Sheet DeclarationMarch 2023
Exam Date of 9th class18 April 2023
Total Marks in Result550
Result AvailabilityOnline (roll number, name, gazette), via SMS, and through institutions
Official Websitebisefsd.edu.pk
Faisalabad Board Address38000 Jhang Rd, Air Avenue City, Faisalabad, Punjab
Email of Faisalabad Boardinfo@bisefsd.edu.pk
Board JurisdictionFaisalabad District, Chiniot District, Jhang District, Toba Tek Singh District

Embark on a journey into the heart of the Faisalabad Board, a stronghold of educational excellence. Witness the 9th Class Result 2023 emerge as a testament to dedication, perseverance, and relentless pursuit of knowledge. As the year unfolds, the Faisalabad Board’s commitment to nurturing brilliance remains steadfast.

A Glimpse into Faisalabad Board’s Identity

Allow us to introduce the beacon of educational guidance – the Faisalabad Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Established in the year 1988, this autonomous body orchestrates the annual examinations for matric and intermediate levels. Its jurisdiction extends over the affiliated colleges and districts, shaping futures and paving the path to success.

Unveiling the Method: How to Check the 9th Class Result 2023 Faisalabad Board

The labyrinth of online result verification holds no intimidation for us. We recognize that for class 9 students, navigating this terrain might be uncharted. Fear not, for we illuminate the path ahead.

Checking the 9th Class Result Faisalabad Board by Roll Number

Inscribe your journey towards discovery through these steps:

  1. Visit the official Board website: www.bisefsd.edu.pk
  2. Navigate to “Results”
  3. Select “Matric Results”
  4. Opt for the session “Annual 2023”
  5. Enter your Roll Number
  6. Click “Get Result”

Checking the BISE FSD 9th Class Result 2023 by Name

Unlock your triumph through the following process:

  1. Enter your name
  2. Provide your Father’s name
  3. Select the exam type

Checking the 9th Class Result by SMS

Embrace the swiftest route to knowledge:

  1. Compose an SMS on your mobile device with your Roll Number
  2. Dispatch it to the 800240 code furnished by the Faisalabad Board
  3. Await a message revealing your results within 15 minutes

BISE Faisalabad Board 9th Class Result 2023 Gazette

Delve into the treasure trove of information encapsulated within the “Result Gazette.” Accessible in downloadable PDF format, this Gazette becomes available one hour subsequent to the results’ revelation. Furthermore, a portal to prior years’ results awaits in the BISE Faisalabad Board 9th Class Result Gazette.

Echoes of Achievement: Faisalabad Board 9th Class Result History

The annals of Faisalabad Board’s legacy resonate with triumph and dedication. Explore the journey of past years’ results:

Result NameTypeRemarks
BISE Faisalabad Board 9th Class Result 2022AnnualAnnounced on 19th September 2022
BISE Faisalabad Board 9th Class Result 2021AnnualAnnounced on 9th November 2021
BISE Faisalabad Board 9th Class Result 2020AnnualAnnounced on N/A
BISE Faisalabad Board 9th Class Result 2019AnnualAnnounced on 08/19/2019
BISE Faisalabad Board 9th Class Result 2018AnnualAnnounced on 08/20/2018

Celebrating Excellence: Position Holders of Faisalabad Board 2023

The stage is set for the grand revelation of brilliance – the Position Holders of Faisalabad Board 2023. A day before the standard result unveiling, the names of these luminaries will grace the public domain. Bise Faisalabad Board’s commitment goes beyond examination; it extends to rewarding the high-achieving students with well-deserved accolades.

Bise Faisalabad Board Position Holders

  • Class: SSC 9
  • Total Position Holders: 03
  • Position Holders Name: Declared one day prior to the regular result.

Illuminating the Path: Unveiling 9th Class Position Holders’ Names

Navigating the avenue of curiosity is effortless. To glimpse the names of the brilliant minds who clinched the top spots, follow these steps:

  1. Visit our website ilmkidunya
  2. Head to the “Result” section
  3. Select 9th class
  4. Choose Faisalabad Board
  5. Scroll and click “Position Holder”
  6. Embark on the journey of discovery

Fulfilling the Dream: Passing Percentage of Faisalabad Board Students

The canvas of achievements remains incomplete without acknowledging the brushstrokes of passing percentages. While the 2023 results are yet to unfurl, last year’s statistics offer a preview of the prowess:

  • Class: SSC 9th
  • Year: 2022
  • Total Candidates: 168387
  • Passed Candidates: 167311
  • Overall Passing Percentage: 99.41%


How can I check my 9th class result from the Faisalabad Board?

You can unlock your result through multiple avenues: roll number, name, SMS, and Gazette.

When will the Faisalabad Board declare the 9th class result?

The 9th class result is set to debut on the 22nd of August 2023.

What is the SMS code of the Faisalabad Board for checking the 9th class result?

Utilize the SMS code 800240 to uncover your 9th class result.

How can I check my 9th class result 2023 Faisalabad board by Roll Number?

Effortlessly check your result by visiting the official Board website. Enter your roll number, choose the year, and embrace the revelation.

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